The Horrific Saddle That Somebody Wanted on EBAY

A few years ago, my father gave me a brand new saddle that he had no use for. I tried it out for a couple of weeks and decided it was an alright saddle for me. I used it daily for the aforementioned two weeks for commuting and probably a couple of ten to twenty mile rides.

Bike Saddle
A Common Type of Bike Saddle

Then came the real test: a 150 mile overnight ride from Rome, NY back home via the Erie canal trail. I drove a bus load of young campers to camp on Delta Lake. I had my bicycle in the back of the bus and I was determined to ride it home, leaving the bus for another volunteer driver to bring the campers back the following weekend. My plan was to take a half a day off from work and get there after lunch.

Oh my God! That saddle killed me! I couldn’t sit for a couple of weeks after that ride. I had serious numbness where no guy wants it. I thought perhaps I may have even sustained some permanent nerve damage, or something.

I was able to sell that saddle on Ebay. I still can’t believe that someone would want that vile tool of torture. But, we do know that everybody is different and everybody has different preferences. There is no one perfect saddle that will fit everyone the way they want it. There are in fact, many different models ranging in size from short and wide to long and skinny; in firmness from hard leather saddles to comfy gel filled saddles.

Another Bike Saddle
Another common bike seat

Still, even with this knowledge, I still can’t believe that somebody can ride that particular saddle with any degree of comfort. My mind just can’t grasp that concept.